Five star village

In Puglia, after a painstaking restoration, a sixteenth century village is reborn and becomes a super resort.

Spread over 5000 square meters between 20 hectares of ancient olive trees, Masseria Montalbano Vecchio (tel.0831 / 359,945,, village of the sixteenth century, a stone's throw from Ostuni (Brindisi), was little more than a ruin until not long ago. Until a group of Bari entrepreneurs addressed the work of restoration that has made it a paradise frequented by distinguished professionals, people from the pregnant portfolio, but also art and architecture enthusiasts.

At the moment the village is open to the public for receptions and cultural events, but by next summer will become a four-star hotel with 26 suites located in as many farm houses in rows on two wings separated by a stone road refreshed by tall palm trees . Residence of the Counts of Conversano, revolves around the court, worthy of a film set, which looks at dusk in Ostuni. Illuminated at night on your own candles and torches, it consists of paving stones polished by the footsteps of the 317 inhabitants who lived in the rural complex. On the court they stand the Lord's palace, the loggia, the arches, the church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary.

While all around the vaults of the rooms now used as a reception and banquet rooms (they were once stables), stables, mill, bakery, and underground presses that are revealed through crystal gashes.
The kitchens hidden, the chalk white chandeliers, luxurious marble bathrooms, everything is almost indistinguishable from the original. While fully respecting the rustic but meets the canons of modern comfort.