After party

The marriage is changing. The lunches brought from infinite, with the guests forced to the table for long hours, give way to more modern celebrations with more quality than quantity sizzlers and big party. The answer to this new need for fun is the after party. Beautiful dresses, refined scene, fun party, music chosen with care to ensure an unforgettable day with dancing until dawn. A perfect choreography that combines glamor and good taste.

Today marriage is celebrated preferably in the evening and turns into a big party. The aperitif and dinner are shorter, stretching out after cake. The bride and groom want to dance. The cutting of the cake is not the final moment of the festival, but the signal of the beginning of the dances.

It is a trend of import that is collecting the enthusiasm of many couples. After the buffet of fruit and pastries and cake cutting, couples require for their guests an elegant after party based on dance music and fine cocktails that also takes away any embarrassment to the guests at the cake cutting participating in the true time of celebration .

The latest trends lead at the top the corner of the cocktails though not miss a wide selection of soft drinks and the angle of fine cigars with rum. All served with expert barman class in a chic nightlife.