Candies' corner

A good idea to entertain guests, to surprise them and also to delight them is the confetti's tasting (a typical Italian candy), now with a thousand flavors. In one corner a little secret receipt you can set up a real taste of the table, invite, even guests who do not know each other, to the conversation.

The candies' corner in a marriage is a tradition rooted in our country. Fallen into disuse, now back in fashion revisited and transformed into a moment of sensory experience thanks to the infinite variety of tastes of wedding's "confetti"

So the "confetti", always protagonists of marriage, assume an even more important role. Increasingly in the ceremonies is dedicated to the candies' corner a special table, where within raised glass of different sizes, dominate thousand flavors "confetti" or colored sugar praline. The candies' corner is essentially composed of two elements: the best quality almonds (almond classics and the most curious and eccentric tastes) and raised in glass or silver plates or cloth bags for a customized and fashion presentation.