The gourmet marriage


"Gourmet" can describe a class of catering, kitchen, meal or ingredient of high quality, special presentation and high sophistication. In the United States, a movement of food "gourmet" it has evolved since 1980 with a long-term division between elitist tastes (or "gourmet"). "Gourmet" is an industry classification for high quality premium foods.

"Gourmet Wedding" is marriage for those who love the "gourmet" cuisine, the search of flavors and a starred restaurant menu.
You can be agreed directly with our chef of the highest quality menus, sophisticated presentation and precise flavors, interpreting the gastronomically territory in a new way.
Follow tradition but presents it with innovative touches. Make nice to enjoy a wedding menu, not characterized by monotonous food but leaving amazed by real works of art. Is this a real marriage of the senses experiencing the event through an absolutely original, funny and so memorable. A real "Art of Banquet" that engage the guest, making him participant and spectator. Touch, sight, smell and taste will be satisfied with the sequence of courses and the creative aspect of the same, ready to be enjoyed before in their form and then in their substance.

It celebrates the praise to good music introduced by notes and atmospheres that favorably predispose the present enjoyment of food. Therefore marriage for those who love the "gourmet" cuisine, the refined flavors and attention to details.