The modern wedding

The new trends in wedding go towards the summer and evening wedding with an organization "block" event.

Welcome Cocktail
It is the moment of reception and arrival of all guests. Etiquette says that the bride and groom welcome guests. It 'a matter of timetable organization, but rather than let the guests wait for over an hour is better than the bride and groom arrive directly to the dinner to the applause of the guests at the opening dinner.

The welcome cocktail is a stylish aperitif, like a happy hour. Will help relax the guests after the excitement of the Church and the shift to reach the location, with the attention and service of elegance, more beverage that food, proposed in the tray and only to accompany the drinks. Crostini, canapés, folded pastries and scones.

It is essential to the background music that plays when relaxing with DJ sets and / or insertions live saxophone, violin, harp. Why not a string quartet, if not already used in church, or a moment folklore with the typical "pizzica" or even a dixieland band.

The elegant Dinner
The elegant dinner will appreciate and give importance to the quality of gastronomic cuisine Raffaele De Giuseppe, with starters buffet or not. It is not expected to dance, but only the accompanying music, piano and vocals, sax ... DJ. Dinner will be moderately fast, about 2 hours.

Cutting the cake
It 'a magical moment who deserve the attention of all the guests. It will be accompanied or not by the fruit and desserts buffet (Masseria Montalbano's one is famous for presentation, quality and abundance), do not miss the pelleted.
The cutting of the cake with few minutes magical fireworks, but what effect the toast with a bang and the song of the amplified spouses.

Now you can dance
A party specially prepared becomes a trendy for the party of the couple with friends. The DJ will dance into the night while a qualified service bar offers cocktails and beaten.