The sweet table

One thing is resistant steel over all fashions: the triumph of the buffet of sweet and latest addition the sweet table, a choreographic table set up with a variety of delicatessen.

The desserts are small, precious and look like real works of art in miniature: cookies, cupcake, friandise read, mini cakes to be placed on the Sweet Table, to give a new interpretation to the wedding cake! Here is the more 'sweet idea' of 2016.

Sweet Table, a new fad that is getting more and more in the enchanted world of sweets today. What are? Preparations are on a particular issue with a refined retail would say obsessive, but beyond this there is also a lot of inventiveness and creativity with regard to the actual realization of sweets. Inevitable is definitely the cake, the fulcrum around which the event arise other small worlds of cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, mini drinks, decorated chocolates, pastries, sandwiches... a real riot all declined in the chosen theme.

The exhibition also includes flowers, vases and inedible details that make special the final effect.