Wedding party

Expression of a more free and hilarious wedding party, a mixture of art, good food, music and fun. No longer a division between an aperitif and dining area, but one large and luxurious space, a smorgasbord of gastronomic corners, stylish decor, yet casual, accurate setting of flowers, crystals and candles, the wedding cake, the ' open bar ... and the party. All in an environment where luxury is to live the authentic coming from the magic of history in our lounge spaces.

Delight your guests with the latest in marriage, a light dinner, a aperi-dinner delicious and hearty with many little surprises during the reception. The fine cuisine of Chef Raffaele De Giuseppe is also appreciated in this modern formula, the finger food and single portions as well as the amazing buffet of fruit and pastries.

Fashion was born in Milan, where the wedding feast is characterized by innovation. The banquets are becoming more streamlined both in quantity and in timing, this way you do not risk to bother the guests. Abolished the banquets that involve too many hours at the table. Thus begins a long standing aperitif, which is followed by a lunch or dinner that sees the triumph of finger food, mini portions to eat strictly by hand, then give space to entertainment of the guests, for example with music alive and dancing. This is the perfect equation for a successful marriage. Even if the true trend is to be able, in such an important day, to be themselves living at its best and naturally all the joy of such a special day.